The Hon. Minister Sheikh Omar Faye on Monday 31 August 2020 met with the Senior Cadre of the Gambia Armed Forces at the Joint Officers’ at Kotu.

The forum was meant for the Honourable Minister to address the distinguished senior officers on important strategic issues and what the Ministry is currently doing to achieve the desired end-state. He used the occasion to deliver a good will message from His Excellency the President of the Republic and Commander in Chief to the senior cadre of the Gambia Armed Forces and by extension to the entire members of the Armed and Security Services.

Honourable Faye seized the opportunity to thank the Chief of Defence Staff and the leadership of the Gambia Armed Forces for giving him the latitude and space to deliver his address. He thanked the Chief of Defence Staff for his wisdom and good leadership.

The Honourable Minister told the gathering that the Armed Forces of any nation are the most visible symbol of its sovereignty and preparedness to secure its rightful place among the community of nations. He said that the policy objective of government is to ensure that the Armed Forces serve to uphold peace and security in a democratic Gambia. To this end, he said that government will endeavor with the support of our bilateral partners to provide the institution with the requisite resources and capacity to be able to execute its constitutional mandate.

He made reference to budgetary related constrains compounded further by the Covid-19 pandemic as some of the key challenges faced by government that seriously affected investment in the defence sector. Minister Faye nonetheless assured the audience of government’s is determination to address the accommodation and welfare challenges of the armed forces within the limited means at its disposal. Government, he said, will also work with our bilateral and development partners as well as other stakeholders to address the inherent challenges of the Armed Forces.

Honourable Faye informed the audience that the security landscape in the Gambia is going through tremendous transformation and the objective of the ongoing reforms is to revitalize the security sector to make it more efficient and responsive to the security needs and aspirations of the people. The reforms, he said, were premised on the understanding that there is a positive correlation between effective economic transformation and national security.

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